In terms of optics, the Oppo A7 comes with a dual camera setup


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Invested everything I had into my work and I was in debt for years, never knowing if I would make it. I can look back, and see that it was important to take that risk. It allowed me to create a body of work and content that defined the issues and subjects that I cared about.

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I recently visited the Galapagos, and had a wonderful time, but only stayed two nights in Quito, which according to the Australian Government travel website, is a very dangerous city. I love the South American birds and wildlife, and am contemplating a birding trip to Costa Rica. However, this also sounds like Chicago in the 40s, with (according to the same website) rampant theft, muggings, riots, carjacking, and so on.

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But the Ravens are who they are, and their record is what it is, and neither is very good. Harbaugh’s biggest priority getting healthy is something he cannot control, something that might in fact worsen. He said the Ravens would “try to come out swinging” after a week off.