The brave teenager starts her next round of chemotherapy in


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Replica Hermes There are no words to sum up how thankful we are to everyone who has helped us reach this stage.”Kira is not on top form at the moment because she is high quality hermes replica suffering from some abdominal pains, but she is over the moon with the news.”It was January 2014 when Kira first began with pains. This led to her being scanned in August that year, which revealed she had neuroblastoma. We are now receiving positive news, which is absolutely fantastic.”Despite the Replica Hermes Bags great news, Kira’s treatment is not yet over.The brave teenager starts her next round of chemotherapy in Edinburgh on Monday, with further treatment to follow.The family have not celebrated due to Kira feeling unwell, but Aud revealed they have a dream destination cheap hermes belt in mind for a family holiday following the completion of Kira’s treatment plan.She explained: “It is fantastic news, but there could still be microscopic neuroblastoma cells in her body, so we need to continue with some treatment in Edinburgh.”Microscopic cells are not picked up on MRI scans, so we need to continue fake hermes belt women’s treatment to make sure. Replica Hermes

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