It’s an early start at the Rijksmuseum (Museumstraat 1; 00 31


But her reserved comments cannot belie the chemistry of these two entertainment juggernauts. Here they are competing for prizes on $100,000 Pyramid:”We don’t care about the prizes. We’re winning just by sitting here.”. Or take a rest at your hotel, freshen up, put on the glad rags and prepare to be wowed by one of the best chefs in town at Librije’s Zusje (Herengracht 542 556; 00 31 20 718 4643). It’s an early start at the Rijksmuseum (Museumstraat 1; 00 31 20 674 7000) to avoid the crowds the best time to arrive is 9.15am, after the initial surge when it opens at 9am. Take in the premier Old Masters in the Gallery of Honour, but also look out for the 18th century dolls’ houses (not toys, but show off pieces for rich merchants’ wives) and visit the exquisitely selected Asian collection in the basement.

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